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WPsynIT WordPress Plugin is Top Notch

by Webmaster in SEO on 2011-05-25

I have used this plugin for a couple of weeks now! What can i say. I Like it. I am truly excited about what i believe will really push that valued internet traffic to my blog. I am lucky i received a review copy of the beta release.

WPsynIT basically takes an article, spins it (i.e. rewrites to make unique) and posts it automatically to article directories for you. What it does it does very effectively. Article Marketing is the best known and most well loved way of generating traffic to your site. The reason is it works. WPsynIT will really aid you in this quest. Its simple to use, so well thought out and i even received emails back from the article directories telling me that the submissions were successful. The programmer has also promised to introduce new hot features for the plugin and increase the submission directories. He really wants to develop it to its full potential. This programmer takes real pride in his work.

Iím also so excited about the back linking opportunities this will help make.

If your a serious wordpress blogger this plugin is a MUST HAVE!

To get this plugin visit: