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Facebook as a Business Tool

by Webmaster in SEO on 2009-10-29

Facebook is not only a tool for playing games, keeping in contact with friends, and searching through images of people you'd like to meet. Facebook is one of the most effective online marketing tools for your business that you can take advantage of for FREE.

First steps in creating an effective online presence with Facebook is to create a personal facebook account that is clean and tastful. Make sure that you fill out your profile completely to gain trust otherwise you may look like a fly by night business. After this you have to create a business account that will be associated with your personal account. Be sure that before creating the business account that you read the Facebook rules for business accounts to make sure that you don't fall into issues later on. Install any add ons that Facebook may have to integrate other aspects of your business to increase reach such as a Twitter feed along with feeds from other social sites and blog integration. Be certain that any areas that may be personal in your account are set to private in the settings. Publish photos to the business account that will reinforce your brand and give your followers a better idea of what you offer and the kind of business you run. Lastly in the profile management you need to post your newsletter subscription information and old articles you may have somewhere within your profile.

Sharing your information with others to increase your followers base is the second step to your online Facebook presence. Obtaining a unique (or vanity url) with Facebook is the easiest way to share your business profile with others allowing them to find you easily. Add your vanity url to your website, business cards, and any other marketing materials that you may have to give people a link to find out more information about you. Any business updates that you have such as "Working with Mofiki WorldWide to develop a new website" should be posted to your wall. Make sure that when you post these things that they are business related and try to stear clear of personal posts. To establish credibility place links on your wall to online presentaions, resources, and contact information. Upload your contacts to your profile to find more connections and invite them to be fans of your Facebook business. Try to expand your network by using the find friends in your personal profile for people you may know. Finding professionals in your field and having them post quoted blogs and videos to you business profile can increase credibility ten fold. When having specials or online deals be sure to post them regularly to gain interest in your business through your wall.

Fan pages, profiles, and groups can be the most important marketing tools there are for your business. Facebook is one of the highest ranked websites on the internet with an incredible reach. Update your wall often and watch your business grow.