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Generating Quality Inbound Links!

by Webmaster in SEO on 2009-12-01

1. Do a keyword research. To ensure that you'll write about topics that are interesting to your potential clients, ensure that you do a keyword research before writing your articles. This process will allow you to easily identify the search terms that are usually being used by your target market when they go online. These will give you a clear idea on what information these people are looking for.

2. Use readable writing formats. To promote further reading and to make your articles easy on the eyes, I recommend that you use tips list, question and answers, and how-to writing formats. These will help you make your content look more organized and highly scannable.

3. Keep your articles short. You certainly don't need to communicate everything you know in one article. Remember, the people you are serving have limited attention span. They are most unlikely to read your articles in their entirety if you offer them with lengthy content. Limit the number of your words to 500 and ensure that you make each word count.

4. Keep your readers interested. You don't want your readers to close your articles after reading your first paragraph, do you? The goal here is to get these people to read your content until they reach your resource box so you can augment your conversion rate. Promote further reading by using the inverted pyramid technique and by making your articles sound engaging and interesting to read.

5. Write more. Produce more articles so you can boost the number of your inbound links in no time. This can lead to higher page ranking and great sales potential; exactly what you need in growing your ebusiness.

6. Monitor the performance of your articles. From time to time, visit the publishing sites where you post your articles to. Identify which of your copies are performing well and which ones are not attracting enough attention. You will need to improve on these to make sure that they will help you realize your marketing goals.