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Bing SEO! Get Ranked!

by Webmaster in SEO on 2009-11-20

Get Ranked in Bing Step 1!

To make it to the top of Bing, utilisation of a title that links to the topic at hand is helpful. It must be unique rather than the titles generally used for the terms. You must also link out. Many marketers don't like to disconnect, because they fear that their rank will be reduced, especially with Google.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 2!

Try to add text to the greatest possible extent. In most search engines, the measure of text on the page is generally not a big factor. But Bing genuinely responds quickly to pages with at least 350 words in the text.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 3!

Bing appears to have a lot of interest in how lasting a domain is registered. For marketers, this means that you will be able to purchase more domains if you prefer to get into a secure and genuine positioning in the Bing.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 4!

Attempt to only well-formed and grammatical HTML code in your pages. You better be sure to close down every last paired tag, and had better ensure that each link leads to the correct webpage. For more information about the validation of HTML code you may either see HTTP Conditional Get test tool or HTTP compression tool. The W3C Markup Validation Service is also a choice for users. If your site comprises of broken links then MSNBot won't be able to index your site effectively, and thereby will prevent net surfers from visiting all of your pages. You'll be able to find additional details on how to find broken links on your site which may mislead users and thus force them to report broken links about your sites. You can also see the help section of Webmaster Centers Crawl Issues tool.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 5!

If you've moved a website due to new URL structure or new Domain name, you must reset the page's original URL to redirect people to the new page. You must also acknowledge the users whether the move is permanent or temporary.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 6!

You must make sure that MSNBot is admitted to crawl your site and not on the list of those crawlers who are banned from indexing your site. For further information about these issues, you may check the control of pages of your site if they are indexed or not.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 7!

You better utilise a robots.txt file or tags to make sure how MSNBot and other web crawlers index your site. You can utilize the robots.txt file to prevent robots from crawling specific files and folders of your site to keep them hidden.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 8!

Make sure all your URLs simple and static. URLs that are complex and mind tangling may also mislead users. In addition, a URL that doesn't change is easy and comfortable for people to remember and bookmarked. This is what makes your website different, reliable and a more likely linked by other sites or blogs interested on your content.

Get Ranked in Bing Step 9!

You had better a look at malware. Beware of links to pages active on your site that may lead the user to malware on third-party websites that contains damaging content which might even cause a problem in the users computer. These include a malicious damaged document or an image file or a malicious JavaScript or ActiveX control. These will be disabled and highlighted as Malware in Bing results pages and will prevent users form visiting form your site by alerting them in different ways.