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How to Increase your Alexa Rank!

by Webmaster in SEO on 2009-11-11

How to increase Alexa Rank

Increasing your Alexa rank means : minimizing the difference of your alexa rank to the 1st rank of alexa rank.

In this blog post, you can implement it easily and free.

If you want to increase your alexa rank you must first Install the Alexa Widget on your website.

This is the important trick to increase your Alexa rank. With the widget, alexa will track all visitor's who visit your website even though they may not use alexa toolbar on their browser. Install the Alexa Widget on your website even if your alexa rank is in the millions.

You can download the alexa rank widget script here.

Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser

By using the Alexa Toolbar and visiting your homepage, it will increase your Alexa Rank. This also holds true for any other websites that you visit. After installing the Toolbar make sure you have your homepage set to your website so that every time you open your browser the Alexa Toolbar logs your site as a visit.

If you work in an environment where you have the access install the Alexa Toolbar on other computers in the office along with making those homepages your website. This can be the most effective way to increase your Alexa Rank.

Make a post about Alexa

This is very effective to increase your Alexa Rank. This allows visitors that may already have the Alexa Toolbar installed to find your website for advice and they generally have a high interest of knowing new tips of how to increase their Alexa Rank. So, a post about alexa can increase your Alexa Rank faster than any other of the options mentioned above.

Increase your blog visitors

This is the most important factor to increase your Alexa Rank along with all other rankings including Google Page Rank. More visitors, always means better Rank. Remember, Alexa establishes Alexa Ranking according to your visitors. You can get visitors from social bookmarking sites and other blogging websites faster than any other source. You should try to get a backlink you your website daily from websites that have similar content as yours.

Happy Alexa Ranking and check back with Mofiki WorldWide often for new tips and advice.