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WPsynIT WordPress Plugin is Top Notch

by Webmaster in SEO on 2011-05-25

I have used this plugin for a couple of weeks now! What can i say. I Like it. I am truly excited about what i believe will really push that valued internet traffic to my blog. I am lucky i received a review copy of the beta release. WPsynIT basically takes an article, spins it (i.e. rewrites to make unique) and posts it automatically to article directories for you. What it does it does very effectively. Article Marketing is the best known and most well loved way of generating traffic to your ...

Share Files Free Across Platforms!

by Webmaster in MISC on 2011-02-26

Share Files Free Across Platforms! Original Article can be found at: Ever needed to access files between computers and had to use a jump drive or email files to yourself? You will never need to do this again. You can use Dropbox to share files and folders across your Android, Apple, windows and linux devices with ease. Sync Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. 2GB...

YouMail on Motorola Atrix (Invalid MMI Code Fix)

by Webmaster in MISC on 2011-02-21

Setup YouMail on Motorola Atrix By Brandon Orndorff 2011 Original Article can be found at: First thing you need to know is that trying to let YouMail change the settings on your Atrix will not work. This will create an error saying something like "Invalid MMI Code". To get YouMail working follow the few simple steps below. 1. Go to the Android Market and download YouMail. Once its installed run it and go through the...

The Great Misconception of Long-Tail Keywords and SEO

by Webmaster in SEO on 2010-10-01

The Great Misconception of Long-Tail Keywords and SEOBy Jill Whalen (c) 2010 As I write this, I just came back from a meeting with a potential client with a startup who wants to make sure they bake SEO into their website from the start while also not making any SEO gaffes along the way. They were referred to me from a current client who was in similar shoes about a year ago. I love working with startups who have a well-thought-out business model, which is in part to create a website and busine...

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